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If you have a question about a clock, it is always helpful if you could enclose 4 essential photographs.
The front and back of the movement
The clock in its entirely
Serial number or dates on set dials and barrels.
Attach them in JPEG form and keep them below 1megabyte per photo. PDF is also acceptable but please avoid cloud or dropbox as we will not access them.
Our historic records from 1780 are on loan to the Metropolitan Archives and more recent records are held in our current archives. The historic records are in hand written ledgers and are not digitised and it is currently not possible to provide details of clocks other than dates of manufacture if you have a serial number, and general locations based on customer lists of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.
Courier Deliveries will be advised of the delivery address by email. Courier deliveries to P.O. Box 51 will not be accepted.
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