Many mechanical Turret Clocks are over 100 years old and classified as antiques often in buildings with conservation listing. Over the years, some clocks may have been extensively altered. We recondition original mechanical parts and later additions to current standards of best practice for conservation. Dials and hands can be renovated, re-gilded or painted, with restoration of bells and chimes, and modernisation with automatic winding and implementation of health and safety compliance. Properly maintained mechanical clocks will last the life of the building and do further service elsewhere.
Conservation and Restoration Services
We can service and repair any clock made by ourselves.  In addition we offer best practice on conservation and restoration for antique clocks.  Our clockmakers serve 5 year apprenticeships and we are the last of the clock manufacturers who know how to make clocks from sheet metal, rod and bar, and boards of mahogany and veneers.  We retain unique methods passed down over 260 years in The Art & Craft of Clockmaking.
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